Dellwood Camp Adventure Segment

Dellwood Camp Adventure Segment


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As a registered Girl Scout individual or Girl Scout Troop you can earn the Camp Adventure Patch by visiting each of GSCI's five camps. You can buy the patch for that camp or wait and buy all five at once. All the patches are available at each of our service center showcases.
As you prepare to visit the camp of your choice make sure you look thru the requirements for that camp before heading out. Some requirements may need items to be brought from home to be fulfilled.
You can also add in the requirements for each grade level to help you earn the "It's Your Planet Love It" journey as you visit each camp. You can buy the journey badges as you finish the journey from your closest service center showcase.
Camp Dellwood, located at 2301 N. Girl School Road Indianapolis, IN 46214
1. Hike the Wildflower Trail. The hike takes about ½ a day, so bring water and a snack. You can ask for a self guide packet from the showcase.
2. As part of the wildflower trail you will encounter the Brownie Tree. Think about uses for the tree. Take a look inside and outside, what is happening with the tree.
3. Find a tree! This activity directs the participants to examine a tree carefully without the sense of sight. Select a fairly level, partially wooded area. Have the girls work in teams of two. One girl wears a blindfold or simply closes her eyes. The sighted girl selects a tree and leads the blindfolded girl to that tree. The unsighted girl then examines the tree in as many ways and places as possible, feeling, smelling, hugging, etc. When finished, the blindfolded girl is led back to the start by a different route. The blindfold is removed and the person tries to find her tree. Afterwards, the girls switch roles. This activity helps girls to realize that each tree, although different, is beautiful and valuable in its own way.
4. Look around camp and identify at least five different types of trees. Use a tree book to help you identify the trees.
5. As a group, discus what it would be like to be a squirrel at Camp Dellwood. Describe what it would be like in each season. Where would you live and find food?
6. Learn the Dellwood song. Check with the showcase for the words.


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