Gallahue Camp Adventure Segment

Gallahue Camp Adventure Segment


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As a registered Girl Scout individual or Girl Scout Troop you can earn the Camp Adventure Patch by visiting each of GSCI's five camps. You can buy the patch for that camp or wait and buy all five at once. All the patches are available at each of our service center showcases.
As you prepare to visit the camp of your choice make sure you look thru the requirements for that camp before heading out. Some requirements may need items to be brought from home to be fulfilled.
You can also add in the requirements for each grade level to help you earn the "It's Your Planet Love It" journey as you visit each camp. You can buy the journey badges as you finish the journey from your closest service center showcase.
Camp Dudley Gallahue, located at 6857 Bear Creek Road Morgantown, IN 46160

1. While you are at Camp Gallahue, make a meal or dessert in a dutch oven.
2. Dutch Oven Cobbler: Place a can of pie filling in the bottom of a Dutch Oven. Add a box of cake mix, (any flavor). Do not mix it with eggs, water or oil. Use it completely dry. Sprinkle pieces of butter on top. Place in the coals with lid on. Place coals on lid to bake from both top and bottom. Check after 15 minutes. Bake until brown and bubbling.
3. Visit each campsite. Compare and contrast all of them. Why would each have a different theme?
4. If you have a lifeguard available, try canoeing at the lake, swimming, or just relaxing at the beach.
5. Try hiking the Hills of Gallahue, or parts of it. This hike is seven miles long so can take almost 2-3 hours.
6. Look thru camp for the many different animals, flowers, trees and insects. Keep a log of what you see. You could also sit and draw what you see.
7. Try a compass hike: Pick a place at one end of camp, either at the barns or at the end of Ardath. Write that point on your paper, then pick another point nearby such as the fire bowl. Take your compass and write down the bearing, or direction to the next point. If you need help on how to read a compass, refer to your Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting manual or check out a book from the local library. After you have finished going from one end of your hike to the other, trade your coordinates with someone else and see if they can do it correctly.


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