Ada Camp Adventure Segment

Ada Camp Adventure Segment


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As a registered Girl Scout individual or Girl Scout Troop you can earn the Camp Adventure Patch by visiting each of GSCI's five camps. You can buy the patch for that camp or wait and buy all five at once. All the patches are available at each of our service center showcases.
As you prepare to visit the camp of your choice make sure you look thru the requirements for that camp before heading out. Some requirements may need items to be brought from home to be fulfilled.
You can also add in the requirements for each grade level to help you earn the "It's Your Planet Love It" journey as you visit each camp. You can buy the journey badges as you finish the journey from your closest service center showcase.
Camp Ada, 4731 W. CR 600 S. Spiceland, IN 47385

1. Camp Ada has two sets of woods, the Big Woods and Small Woods. As you walk the trails through each one, note the many insects and animals you see and hear. Try to identify at least three new insects and animals.
2. Hike the Turkey Trot Trail.
3. Girl Scouts Care for the Earth is an ongoing service project from GSUSA. Examine the items your group brought with you to Camp Ada and ask the following questions about each item:
" Is it made from a renewable resource?
" Will it last a long time?
" Does it come without a package?
" Is the package recyclable? Or made from recycled material?
" What will happen to this when I am finished with it?
" Is it biodegradable?
" Did it hurt the Earth to make this?
" Will it hurt the Earth to use this?
" Do I need a bag for this?
4. Try one of the games the camp has available. Gaga pit, teams course, and/or the rope runners.
5. Draw or paint a picture of a scene or object at Camp Ada. Use charcoal, water paints or some other style.
6. How did the camp become one of our properties?


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